Throughout my years of practicing landscape design, clients have asked me what makes a garden design successful… And I always start by explaining the essence of a garden. This goes much more than how beautiful a garden looks.

In order to create successfully outdoor spaces, in my opinion, the landscape designer must first study the natural settings surrounding the space. The new garden has to blend and connect seamlessly with the local environment. Otherwise it will look force to be there. It is very important to work with plants and hardscape materials that are present to the location your working on.

The essence in a garden can be defined as the basic set of traits that define the character of a garden in direct relationship with geographical and cultural conditions. The essence is what makes a garden special. Without the essence a garden can be lost in identity, then becomes just a thing with no relationship.

Study what you see in these natural settings and connect to it. Connect with the uniqueness found in the proximity of the natural settings and borrow those ideas into your design. Bring harmoniously the elements you see in the wild. Make a soft transition between what is there and your new vision. It is almost like repeating what you see in the wild and blend it to your new space. Take the character of what you see in the immediate surroundings and bring these values to blend with your design ideas. Find that sense, spirit of the place and bring it to belong to your new garden.

For instance, if I bring to my design palm trees to my garden in the Northeast area of USA, this will look fake, force to be there. It does belong to the natural landscapes
found in this part of the country. It does not fit; it clashes with the distinctive natural look found in that area. Instead look how your natural landscape looks, flows and feels.
Borrow this information and implement it in your new garden.

Bring not just joy to your garden but a sense of belonging as well. I’m always here to help you with your project… Javier Bohorquez – Casa Outdoor Design